Roll 2

Welcome to Roll 2. Not sure why my purple butterfly bush looks so blue in these images. They look more purple on the photos. I did not rescan these, but used the CD I got with the pictures.
Just click on the image for a larger view.

American Painted Lady Butterfly
pic5.jpg pic6.jpg
pic9.jpg pic11.jpg
pic16.jpg pic17.jpg

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail
pic2.jpg pic3.jpg
pic4.jpg pic18.jpg

Eastern Black Swallowtail
pic20.jpg pic21.jpg
pic19.jpg pic23.jpg

Both Swallowtails
I got lucky and got both swallowtails in the same shot
pic22.jpg pic24.jpg

Green Anole
pic1.jpg pic7.jpg
pic8.jpg pic10.jpg
pic12.jpg pic13.jpg
This one is for the guys
he is eating an american painted lady butterfly